Cold Start

winter night

I had a blog. I started blogging in 2005 when I was home with two small children and going through a major remodel. We weren’t even living in our own house, but in a winter rental that I dubbed the writer’s house. It was a badly winterized cottage with a large wood stove and a barely heated master on the second floor. The owner was a writer who lived in New York City in the winter. I was seduced by all the books all over the place and neglected to ask about things like insulation. The washer and drier were in a shed in the back yard, and I would have to go out daily and defrost the drain pipe for the washer with the tea kettle. If I left a wash in overnight it would frequently be frozen to the sides of the drum. Until that year I wanted to be a hermit in the woods with nothing to do but write. That year, I decided two things; I wanted to capture our adoption and family experience, and that “rustic” is overrated.

Both writing and parenting were harder than I expected. The blogging collaborative that I first wrote for collapsed after a few months, but I have memories of sitting at the enormous kitchen table in the writer’s house documenting our crazy trips to Russia, our first months as a family of four. Once we moved into our newly renovated home I opened my own blog that started being about adoption but ended up getting the most attention for social commentary posts.

My last post for that blog was five years ago. Blogging went through changes as sites closed, children grew, and other social media consumed many of the writers. Many writers developed more professional (read paid) projects, which I never had the time to do. I wrote for The Broad Side for a while and loved it, but the 2016 election cycle rendered me inexplicably wordless.

2017 was a hard year personally, politically, professionally; but towards the end I found myself with the need to write again, to use my voice. I set up this space to help me do that.

With my work schedule, I’m not sure how often I’ll get to post here. My goal is at least once a week. I probably won’t be blogging too much about my kids. They are old enough now that their stories are their own.  I want to write more about learning, both practice and policy. I want to examine some bigger questions than my day job allows. This last year has been so disorienting,  but I feel good about moving forward and optimistic about my ability to do so.

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