More Good News

And the fog lifts just a little more.

L got a job offer! May more importantly, he got a job offer with a reasonable commuting distance.

This has been the central problem of our lives. We live in a beautiful place, but there are not a lot of professional jobs up here, and the are very hard to find in either of our fields. As a result, we have spent close to four hours a day commuting into Boston or some other suburban office park with nightmarish traffic. This has meant that we have very little time to actually enjoy the place where we live. We are too exhausted to do much after work, and we spent most of our weekend time doing work around the house.

This has also cost us an enormous amount in child care over the years. The boys eventually were too old for a babysitter a few years ago, but still needed transportation and supervision. I had a great job that I loved and that paid well, so L, who was rapidly getting burnt out in his role, left to become the primary parent.

It was a decent arrangement until I got laid off this summer.

So now we are starting a new chapter. I am going to be home for a while, tending to my health while hopefully freelancing and doing some of my own writing, and L will generally be home at a decent hour so we can actually have dinner together.

He starts after Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed that this is the solution it feels like right now.


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